About Kimberly 

Kimberly is the owner of Bings Design. She is all about creativity, beauty, and style in ever aspect of life and she has a true passion for her art form. Kimberly believes that flowers, makeup, and new hairstyles will add an illustrious experience to all events and special occasions. They can also express the unique beauty within a person.

Kimberly was born with a strong attraction to art and beauty which she portrayed into art at an early age. Because of this, she won numerous awards in drawing and painting competitions at school in her native Hong Kong. Her art background has proven to be invaluable in her ability to sketch out clear floral designs, makeup, and hairstyle ideas for her clients.

Her love for makeup can be traced back to one special present. At the age of ten, Kimberly received her first makeup palette from her mother. This one special present inspired her to pursue her passion of becoming a makeup artist later in life.

In college, Kimberly majored in Psychology, but art and makeup always seemed to fill up her spare time. Because of her drawing background and creative design abilities, she was constantly asked to help with makeup and decorations for wedding and graduation events, but the thought of pursuing her artistic aspirations full time didn’t occur to her during college.

After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from San Francisco State University, Kimberly worked as an Employee Benefits Account Manager for over seven years. Because she never lost her passion for art and design, she began her formal makeup training by taking night courses while still working full time. On weekends she worked with many experienced floral designers in order to gain the skills and knowledge required for the field.

Combining her love of flowers and beauty with her artistic creativity and experience, Kimberly started Bings Design full time to pursue her artistic dream and hasn’t looked back since. Bing’s Design specializes in wedding and event floral design, bridal makeup, and hair for all special occasions.